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by Free Dating - Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 5:17 PM
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When the thing with Crush actually drew to a close, my boy Frat Boy would always ask me if I talked to her lately.  I’d always tell him no and that it was over.  His reply was always, “she’ll be back, bro…”

I wondered if she would.  I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t help but think about my past.  For the most part, they always come back..

If I don’t fuck a chick, they usually pop back up and I get a second chance.

A quick run through of my History of Crushes actually shows this trend fairly well.  As well as do other situations.  A quick run through….

1.  I had a crush on Tig Ol Bitties in 8th grade and didn’t act on it.  Then, I called her and we started talking in the Spring of 9th grade.  Nothing happened, and we fizzled.  9 months later, when I was in 10th grade, she popped back up, and I had yet ANOTHER shot with her, which ended with me not escalating while being locked in a bedroom with her…

2. Caramel – my first shot with her was in 9th grade.  I was lame and missed my chance.  In 12 grade was when I had the chance of taking her to my house… a whole 4 years later, but clearly ANOTHER shot.  I also missed that one.

3.  My first shot with PromQueen was in 12 grade.  Then, after not talking for months, she started emailing me late Freshman year of college and we kept in touch.  Then, didn’t talk for almost a year and then she called me to go to a party with her and even paid for my cover.  Then, didn’t talk for years after that, and she popped back up and called me on Labor Day of last year and we’ve been in some semi-contact since.  Not sure of her interest level still though, or if we’re “just friends”, so I’m not sure how that counts…

4.  Spaghetti – We talked in Oct and November one year… then that fizzled.  Then, she hit me up around Christmas break, but nothing happened.  Then, in April after months of not hearing from her, she popped back up and I had ANOTHER clear shot, which ended with her on my bed and me being too scared to escalate – after we had already talked about sex and her response was, “that’s not all I want from you… I want to be able to hang out and go places together and stuff like that too…”  Wow, what a blown opportunity, and she was a Hooter’s chick, would’ve been one of the hottest chicks I’d ever smashed… smh.

5.  Stallion – We talked at the end of the school year during my Junior year of collge, it fizzled.  Then, when I broke up with my girlfriend at the end of my Senior year of college – a whole year later, she popped back up, and I had ANOTHER chance.

Then, there’s plenty of other notables as well….

There was this chick I talked to/dated, but never fucked during the summer between my Sophomore and Junior years of college.  After that summer, we didn’t talk not once during the school and guess what happened when the next summer started?  She called me again.  I wasn’t back in town that summer though, so we didn’t talk again for months, then I did visit her once when I was in town, which ended with us just laying on her bed, talking and hanging out, a little physical, but I didn’t escalate much/right.

Then, there was the chick I fucked at the end of the Spaghetti story.  I actually dated her over Christmas break that year, then we didn’t talk for about 5 months and then we started talking again – this time I escalated and pulled it out.

There’s plenty of other chicks that come to mind as well.   There’s countless times I’ve had a second chance and sometimes even a third chance with chicks, so knowing this history, I always figured Frat Boy probably was right.  Crush probably would pop up again, sooner or later.   When?  I wondered…   Months from now?  A year from now?   Who knows.  ”Just be patient Willy Wonka, game this other girls, there’s plenty of them out there.  It doesnt matter if she pops back up or not.  If does cool, don’t be on some crushing/one-itis type shit this time around, if she doesn’t, fuck it, it’s her loss, who cares,”  I would tell myself…

Then, the other night at 1 am, I install Facebook chat on my phone just playing around.  I don’t chat with anybody, I just install it and then set the phone down.

A few minutes later, my phone beeps.  Is it a text message?  No.  It’s a Facebook chat message….. from Crush.

1:14  Crush:  Hey

1:15 Crush:  :(       (I’m not really sure what the sad face here is about, but I imagine that it’s probably because she noticed from my profile that I moved back to my hometown…. I don’t address it though)

1:29  Willy Wonka:  what’s up

1:30 Crush:   How have you been?

1:31  Willy Wonka:  I’ve been good… and yourself?

1:33 Crush:  Good.

1:33 Crush:  Been thinking about you.

1:35 Crush:  Thought I’d say hey

Crush is offline 1:36

I don’t really know how to take that.  I was think of how to respond to the “Been thinking about you” she hit me with, so I was buying a little bit of time, I was thinking of responding with something like, “yeah, I tend to have that effect…”   Don’t worry, I definitely wasn’t going to say “I’ve been thinking about you too”  or some lame shit like that, I was just trying to think of how assholish I wanted to play it, but before I got a chance, she hit me with the “Thought I’d say hey” and then signed off.   That struck me as a little odd…. but whatever, she’s weird.   I’m actually beginning to think anyone with a vagina is somewhat retarded and it’s a waste of time to try to figure them out.

I don’t really know where to go from here.  First thought that comes to mind is to just add her to my mass text list of that city and just mass text like 20 girls whenever I go back to visit with a “I’m a be in town Friday” type of message or something….