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by john miller - Tuesday, 7 September 2021, 7:52 AM
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As a student, have you ever sought college assignment help, dropped “write my homework for me” requests at any school or college essay writing services? Well, all those solutions that you receive in exchange for money were written by ghost writers. Of course, the assignment help services might have referred to them as native academic writers or the like. Still, the nature of their work, while educational, classifies these writers as ghostwriters.


So, who are these entities?


What Are Ghostwriters?


Ghost writer are the people who are hired for writing some content for some financial payment. Thus, the domain of ghostwriting is not just limited to academics but any content.


Ghostwriters have written numerous famous books by world-renowned personalities with inputs from those prominent individuals. From Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal to the late Ronald Reagan’s An American Life, from Hillary Clinton’s Living History to Richard Branson’s Losing My Virginity and even the infamous Count of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas (ghostwritten by August Maquet), all were the amalgamation of the ideas and skills of the well-known personality and the lesser-known collaborator.



What Do Ghostwriters Do?


As stated, ghostwriters are generally freelance writers who pen a text that's credited to someone else. Skilled and highly qualified ghostwriters can write on a variety of subjects, though professionals in the business tend to focus on a particular genre or niche.


l  The archetypal ghostwriting project has always been a memoir of a famous public figure, including politicians, business magnates, athletes, film actors, musicians, etc.


In most cases, these individuals lacked the skills and confidence to reproduce their ideas correctly on paper, let alone draft a whole book.


l  Though the credited author has the final say regarding the information presented, they do defer to the ghostwriter when it comes to the syntax and structure of the content.


l  Freelance ghostwriting is not just limited to memoirs and biographies. Several stories and novels have been the result of a collaboration between famous authors and hired ghostwriters.


1.       For example, the famous James Bond books by the late Sir Ian Fleming have been continually written by numerous authors after his demise.


2.       The popular children’s horror series Goosebumps by R. L. Stine had many freelancing ghostwriters working on them to keep up with the rising demands.


3.       Did you know that one of USA's and the world's greatest horror writers ghostwrote for one of USA's and the world's greatest escape artists?



H. P. Lovecraft became Harry Houdini’s ghostwriter for a short story called “Imprisoned With The Pharaohs."


From the olden times till date, ghostwriting has been a prolific profession for ages. Lucrative and with bright prospects, ghostwriters make decent bucks for doing what they love - writing.


And that wraps up this article. Hope it was informative enough for everyone. If you are a student looking to buy dissertation or seek college assignment help, be sure to seek help assistance from genuine ghostwriters for the best results.

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