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An argumentative essay is the most common type of essay that students are to write during their academic careers. As it is the most common, yet very difficult, argumentative essays are important for the students. It observed that students think, writing an argumentative essay is a difficult task. Writing an argumentative essay is a technical thing to do, and it requires experience to write an exceptionally good argumentative essay. Similarly, the prerequisite of writing an argumentative essay is to have an argumentative topic.


Just because the argumentative essay is not a piece of cake, most of the students think that it is alright to skip one skill. However, it should be understood that the skill of writing argumentative essays is crucial for the student. Especially at the college level, most of the teachers prefer to assign argumentative essays to evaluate the students. Therefore, it is important to learn to write argumentative essays.


the most vital aspect of an exemplary argumentative essay is to have a strong topic. The topic should be argumentative. Most of the time, students write an argumentative essay on a topic that is not debatable at all. This is the first mistake a writer can do while writing an argumentative essay. When I write my essay or essay, I make sure to choose a suitable argumentative topic. I put a special effort to find a topic that is debatable, and interesting to write on at the same time.


It is important to find out which topic is debatable and which is not. It is both, easy and difficult at the same time to find the debatable topic. First, it is likely to be the case that the teacher, who has assigned you the task of writing an argumentative essay, will also assign you the topic to write on. If not, the teacher can also provide a list of topics to choose from. If no previous scenarios are true, then, probably, it is time to find out your argumentative essay topic. However, if you are stuck with your routine, you can also take help from a professional essay writing service, they will help you in this regard.


There are two routes of finding the debatable topic; the generally adopted route experiences, and the other route is the one that smarter people take. Most people learn this skill with experience. However, if you understand the concept of a debatable topic, things might turn out to be easy for you. If the topic you consider writing on has two logical perspectives, and there are two distinctive stances on the topic, then you can consider this topic to be debatable. However, if this part is difficult, you can also take help from any professional essay writer to take a hint. Otherwise, look for contemporary topics, and have two logical sides. In debatable topics, people from both camps of different perspectives present logical arguments to support their claims. Following are some of the topics that you might consider writing on:


  1. Should women be given the right to abortion?
  2. Should higher education be free for everyone?
  3. Should students have limited internet access?
  4. Is the current education system effective in terms of job acquisition?
  5. Why are US citizens becoming more obese?
  6. Artificial intelligence is a curse or cure?
  7. Will AI and automation take over the job market?
  8. Does a human fetus have a proper moral standing?
  9. Will people start marrying machines?
  10. Will algorithms take control of our lives?
  11. Should gun right be regulated?
  12. Should alcohol consumption be controlled?
  13. Should marijuana be legal?
  14. Is marijuana harmful?
  15. Are energy drinks safe?
  16. Is it fair to use animals for experimental purposes?
  17. Should we reduce meat consumption?
  18. Is using essay writer service safe?
  19. Which is more important, IQ or EQ?
  20. Will the rise of China be the fall of the USA?
  21. Is China a threat to the first world?
  22. US withdrawal from Afghanistan is a rational decision?
  23. Is the US withdrawal from Afghanistan a total surrender?
  24. Is Taliban rule legitimate?
  25. Did Pakistan play a double game in Afghanistan?
  26. Did the US make the Taliban?
  27. Did the US abandon its partners in Afghanistan?
  28. Is the Coronavirus a manmade disease?
  29. Will there be a world war again?
  30. Did the treaty of Versailles trigger WWII?
  31. Did NPT stop nuclear proliferation?
  32. Does Iran have nuclear capabilities?
  33. Is democracy the best political system?
  34. Did the US beat communism?
  35. Is democracy better than Marxism?
  36. Is capitalism better than communism?
  37. Should there be free medical for all?
  38. Violence based video games should be prohibited?
  39. Is technology limiting creativity?
  40. Does art pay off?
  41. Does hard work pay off?
  42. Hard work or smart work, which is better?
  43. Is gothic art most significant in human history?
  44. Do social media giants misuse our personal information?
  45. Is the use of social media a threat to our privacy?
  46. Globalization, a blessing or curse?
  47. Is google making us stupid?
  48. Should sex work be legal?
  49. Is vape better than smoking or not?
  50. Contraception is better than abortion?
  51. space Should not be colonized?


These are some of the topics for an argumentative essay that you can choose from. It is always advised to the students to choose a topic that they feel comfortable with.


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