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No matter what type of essay you are writing, grammar, punctuation, and style should be impeccable. Such writing mistakes can leave a bad impression upon the reader and let all your hard work go to waste.




A good essay writer always strives to perfect the grammar and punctuation in the essay, during the writing process, and during the review process. Good understanding of grammar and the right use of punctuation arms you to communicate complex and complicated ideas effectively. You can style it to offer you a punchline, list various things, and hint at the connections between the sentences. 


Other than allowing for the appropriate pause in the sentence’s commas perform the important task of separating the introductory phrases from the main clause.


Without checking for the traffic, Tom crossed the road. 


Commas are also used to contain non-restrictive clauses.


My red bag, which had my laptop in it, was stolen yesterday. 



You can see some good examples in an essay writing service that semicolons serve the purpose of connecting two independent clauses that are related to each other. If replaced by a full stop the structure will be fine but there will be no indication regarding how the second clause supports the first or both the clauses have a running theme.  


The people of New York are always in a rush; their work follows them around everywhere.


Another use of semicolons is forming lists. When the list of things is long phrases with commas already in them, then it’s useful to use semicolons to separate the list without confusing the reader.


The issues that were raised in the meeting were: The shortage of staff during the morning shift; the slow working internet connection; the unnecessary restrictions, such as dressing and mobile use; absence of indoor cafe. 



Colons have a variety of applications too. A colon can indicate a list that is to follow, which is its most common use. It can also indicate a quote that is to follow.


You also see in write my essay online that a colon start when the passage before is leading to a final word or a punchline. The first sentence (an independent clause), emphasizes the second. The sentence that comes after the colon will have the first letter of its first word capitalized if it’s a pronoun or if the sentence is an independent clause.


The colon is also used in dialogues. The speaker’s name or the pronoun followed by a speech tag and a colon sets up the speech. 


The doctor said: “you have barely a week to live. See you next week then!”

Hyphen and Em Dash

Em Dashes are not considered formal and are therefore sparsely used. However, they are useful even in formal writing when you have already used commas in the sentence and need punctuation to separate yet another phrase. The em dash--written using two hyphens--can also be used in places where a colon is being used to emphasize a sentence or clause that follows.


An em dash is also used to show a sudden change in thought. Such that the first sentence is left incomplete in the hurry of getting onto the next one.


I wouldn’t call myself a car enthusiast, I like cars like a normal -- Hey check out that Porche 911!


The hyphen modifies the subject or the object of a sentence when used in compound words. It can be compound adjectives or compound nouns.   

Quotation Marks

Quotes inside text can be used to emphasize the apparent meaning of the word or to imply different meanings for the word. 


In dialogues, the quotation mark holds a person’s speech that follows after the dialogue tag. 


“I want to ride my bicycle to the top of the hill,” Barry said out loud.  




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