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by Briana Roberts - Saturday, 12 June 2021, 11:42 PM
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Career is simply defined as an occupation, a profession or a chosen pursuit. The word ‘chosen’ implies that the person engaging in the career is doing so at will. Freedom offers him or her opportunity to make a choice without any cohesion- it is good to make a choice out of your own freewill.


Experience of our "cv editor" company shows that if you are doing something you love, you will discover that you will really do exceedingly well better than someone that is doing something that was given to him or her by a superior.


More than 60% of people in different careers of life felt that they are in the wrong career, thus they are not utilizing their potentials to the optimum.


The truth is that you will be unhappy if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. But the sky will be your starting point if what you are doing is something you desire. It is very easy to know if the profession you are is where you suppose to be or not- your skills and interests must as a matter of necessity match your current profession. If this is not the case, then something is wrong somewhere, you may have to do a U-Turn.


For instance, if you have the passion to teach- you are highly self-motivated, and you will feel the need to contribute to the intellectual development of the society. But after graduating from the university or teacher’s training institute, you were not privileged to be offered a teaching appointment. You searched for years, and the story was the same, at a point you had to pick an appointment with an advertising agency or any of the available company or even get yourself involved in a private business.


Though the job may be paying you more than what a teaching profession will pay you, but you will discover that you will be feeling some element of incompleteness in you, because your potentials are yet to be enhanced.


You need a place to exhibit your targets; something is missing in your life. You may have the money, but lacks the inner happiness that comes from doing your dream job. To be fulfilled, you need a teaching job- probably because teaching job will give you the opportunity to express yourself more often; it will make you to express your inner calling and true desires.


This is the reason why so many people in various professions used to quit those jobs even after investing so many years into it- the reason is simple, they weren’t fulfilled, because if they were, they wouldn’t have quit the job. They quit them to pursue their dreams. Sometimes you will see someone working for an automobile firm may be as a project manager or marketer, and he will tell you that his dream is to become a real estate agent.


Though he or she will be doing the job well so that they will not be fired by the employers, but they will feel totally incomplete. Most of them will either take loan from a financial institution or save some money after some years of work to set up their firms. There are unlimited joys to go with having your own establishment; it gives you the sense of ownership and the ability to bear profits and losses.


If you ask them, they will simply tell you that they have been in the wrong career all these while, that right now, they will like to practice their life ambition or goal. Millions of people are in the wrong career especially in the developing or third world countries, because of poverty and world economic meltdown.


Most of them are doing some jobs currently while they are still waiting for the better opportunity to strike. When the opportunity comes to pursue their dreams, they will leave without a second thought.


In summary, our "top resume writing services" website wants to say one thing, you can never be happy if you are in the wrong career, but success will be yours if you are doing well in your real career. A career is something you must develop over a period of time, it doesn’t just happen- it may be an inborn or innate desire.

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