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by Lydia White - Monday, 15 November 2021, 11:07 AM
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Since a laboratory work is a scientific study and involves research on a predetermined topic, its mandatory elements include a report, which EssayAssistant essay helper will help you write. Each report must have a title page, a part describing the subject and method of research, and a conclusion.


The conclusion is a description of the results of the research and evaluative judgments of the author on the chosen topic. Writing a conclusion to the laboratory work shows how well or poorly the student has mastered the general theoretical knowledge within the topic and consolidated them practically, for example with the law to help at


At the end of the study it is necessary to answer the question: whether it was possible to achieve the goals, to solve the designated problems? This is the essence of the conclusion. In the work should be: the title page; abstract of the work; the introductory part, where the goals and objectives of the study will be disclosed; the main part, where all points are described; the final part with the conclusions and the results presented.

Writing the conclusions is simplified by the fact that in scientific work, including laboratory, use scientific terms. They provide an opportunity to limit explanations and clarifications in the text. Likewise, in the course work, if you need to write it, then professional coursework writers on EssayAssistant help you quickly and accurately cope with the task.


Errors in the results are important to describe if you are doing a specific study and your results are physical or chemical quantities. Simply describing the results will not be enough. It is mandatory to describe the errors, how they affect the final result and why they appeared.


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