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    Seeds of Change: The Women for Health programme and its impact 

    A three part series highlighting the key approaches and impacts of W4H in addressing the acute shortage of female health workers in Northern Nigeria. 
    1: Sowing the Seeds, outlines the context in which gender relationships are being transformed in areas affected by the humanitarian crises.
    2: Addressing the shortage of female health workers, summarises the eight key approaches that characterise the success of w4H.
    3: Scaling up Success, touches on some of the wider impacts of the Programme and what is needed to scale up the approaches to other parts of Northern Nigeria.

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    Leaving no-one behind: How can rural Nigerian women get the health care they need?

    A series of six short films were made by W4H to support advocacy efforts to improve female health worker production, recruitment and retention, and inclusive health worker education. 
    1: Stories of loss. Real stories highlight how issues of maternal, newborn and child death affects rural communities in northern Nigeria.
    2: Halima and Sulieman. One couple’s hopes for their family depend on whether their rural local health facility is staffed by trained health workers.
    3: What is needed to produce female health workers in Northern Nigeria? Identifies the gaps and challenges in current production of skilled female health workers.
    4: Successes in health worker production. Outlines some of the notable successes in health worker production, recruitment, and retention.
    5: What is the Foundation Year Programme? This explains a key W4H intervention to improve access to education for rural women and girls.
    6: Investing in inclusive health worker education. This includes testimony of the impact the initiatives have had on rural communities.

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